Molds Tipper

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Molds Tipper
  • Molds Tipper

Overturning, vibration and cleaning of molds

Tipper borns for overturning, vibration and cleaning of polycarbonate molds (175x275) and give the possibility to have two types of working. Massive products: such as tablets, napolitaines, etc. Hollow bodies: as shells for pralines, chocolate eggs, glasses, etc. The exces of chocolate is recovered automatically.


Technical features

  • Structure                    inox AISI 304 alloy
  • Conveyor Belt             Variable speed of the belt
  • Control                      Adjustable vibration intensity pneumatically from the control panel
  • Cleaning                    Extraction of tank collecting chocolate for rapid cleaning and washing
  • Mechanical features     Anti-vibration system for absorption of the vibrations of the machine
  • Power                        Volt 100/240 - Hz 50/60 - Kw. 2 Three Phase
  • Dimensions                mm 800 x 1550 x h 1250

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