One Shot Depositor 35kg

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One Shot Depositor 35kg
  • One Shot Depositor 35kg

The real revolution

Pomati’s real revolution consists in the use of One Shot technology, which allows to produce up to 35 kg. of chocolates per hour. Our machines allow to produce pralines, truffles, filled chocolates, chocolate bars and any other seasonal products that cannot be hand-made.

This machine is also available with a capacity of 70 kg and even 140 kg per hour.



Thanks to its close collaboration with master chocolatiers and internationally renowned pastry chefs, Pomati was able to marry tradition with quality and technological progress, by relying upon a qualified staff capable of meeting any challenge and fulfilling any objective.



Pomati’s Italian design is the product of a long experience in this sector and an accurate understanding of its clients’ needs. Pomati machines are designed to perfectly blend into pastry shops, ice cream parlors and chocolate shops.



New technologies built with state-of-the art materials.

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