OSM Mould loading unit for OSD-5

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OSM Mould loading unit for OSD-5
  • OSM Mould loading unit for OSD-5

OSM - molds loader with pre-heating function

Designed for automatic loading and pre-heating of polycarbonate molds (175x275). A loading tower molds feeds the tape to the step of pre-heating effected by four infrared lamps inside a cover. Possibility to load manual or automated connected to existing machines. Speed and temperature of heating are managed by a simple control panel.

Also Available for One Shot Depositor OSD-10


Technical characteristics:

  • Totally AISI 304 stainless structure
  • Possibility to use with different sizes of moulds: 
  • (135x275 – 175x275 – 205x275)
  • Variable speed of belt
  • Heating adjustable through digital instrument
  • Quantity molds of tower load nr. 16
  • Inspection of Area lamp infrared 
  • Easy handing through wheels with brakes
  • Rapid extraction of working belt for cleaning and washing operations
  • Volt 100/240 – Hz 50/60 – Kw 1,2 Single-phase (special voltages on request)
  • Dimensions: mm.500x1450xh.1.480

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