Tank S150

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Tank S150
  • Tank S150

Simply indispensable.

Thanks to its heat-regulated bath, the tank is an indispensable tool for chocolate, creme and preserved food processing. It is possible to pair the tank with an automatic extraction pump controlled by a button, pedal or level sensor placed inside the tempering machine.


Technical features

  • Structure                    Entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Heating                      heat-regulated bath
  • Cleaning                    The agitator can be easily removed for cleaning operations.
  • Mechanical features     Pivoting wheels with brake for easy relocation
  • Capacity                     Capacity - 150 kg. tank
  • Power                        240/400 Volt – Hz 50/60 – KW 2,9 (with Kw 3.3 pump)
  • Dimensions                900 x 900 x h 1100 mm

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