Tempereermachine T35

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Tempereermachine T35
  • Tempereermachine T35

Perfect for medium sized businesses.

It is POMATI's biggest tank, perfect for large-scale chocolate and chcolates production, requiring a technologycally savvy operator.
Like all other tempering machines, the T5 yields a uniform heat distribution on chocolate, while also ensuring reduced energy consumption.


Technical features

  • Structure                    Entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity                     50 kg. tank
  • Dispenser                   Programmable foot- pedal operated dispenser
  • Tank                           Heated and thermosealed chocolate tank
  • Heating                      Double heating circuit for tank, auger, and vibrating table
  • Coclea                        Removable auger for easy cleaning and change chocolate products, reverse direction for chocolate unloading
  • Thermostats                Thermostats to control temperature with great precision
  • Refrigeration unit       Refrigerating unit with forced-air cooling system
  • Power                         400 Volt – Hz 50 – KW 3,5 Tri-phase 5 poles (customized voltages available)
  • Dimensions                710 (880 with table) x 880 x h 1350 mm
  • Available accessories Enrober, Rotating table for truffles, Exit conveyor belt, Plexiglass cover, Heating lamp, Decorator, Dispensing plate, Pneumatic valve

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