Tempereermachine T5

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Tempereermachine T5
  • Tempereermachine T5

Small size, exceptional quality.

Easy to operate, the T5 Tempering Machine is of fundamental help in pastry shops, ice cream parlors and HORECA establishments. Built to melt and temper any type of chocolate; direct auger tempering allows chocolate fluidity and a perfect crystal blend, thus an end product of exceptional quality.


Technical Characteristics

  • 5kg tank
  • Verwarmde tank met thermostaat
  • Dubbel verwarmingskanaal en "Archimedean screw"
  • Programmable on/off
  • Removable Archimedian screw for cleaning and change chocolate
  • backflow to discharge the chocolate
  • temperature control thermostat high precision
  • refrigerating unit with air cooling system
  • 480x 450x 390h

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