Dark Grand Cru Chimelb 65% 3x4kg

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From a land where man has found a balance with the environment and from a project aimed at conservation, sustainability and social responsibility, comes a blend of Trinitario cocoa with a highly aromatic profile. Located in the heart of the forests in the region of Alta Verapaz, the Finca Chimelb is a one-of-a-kind plantation where the cocoa grows alongside coffee, cardamom, pineapples, eucalyptus and rubber trees in an exceptionally wide cultivated area. Here eco-sustainable cultivation is implemented by identifying the best practices suited to the climate and local territory.

The result is a chocolate with a taste that is sweet and smooth, yet intense and persistent. It has an aromatic cacaotè profile with distinctive notes of dried fruit and a pleasant hint of coffee.

Recipe with no lecithin
  • 3x4kg
  • 4kg

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