Vanini Dark 72% High Fluidity

Artikelcode: 80008425

Extra-fine covering chocolate, for which a cocoa with fine origins is used. Great character, intense taste, soft, slightly acidic, with aromas of fruit and spices. Exceptional fluidity.

Employment advice

In chocolate shop:

Special in the pralines with an alcoholic presence, especially aged (rum, whiskey, brandy, wines, marsala, madeira). Perfect for stuffed tablets and for Boers. Excellent in covering.

In pastry:

Excellent in mignons with chocolate cream, in fillings with light creams and autumn fruits (chestnuts, figs and pomegranate). In baking production, special in mixtures with hazelnuts and walnuts.

In ice cream parlor:

Excellent for an intense and harmonious ice cream, perfect for chocolate sorbets, even alcoholic. Great to use as stracciatella.

  • 15 kg

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