Vanini White 35% High Fluidity 15kg

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Superior quality white chocolate for taste and technical characteristics: taste, creaminess, high fluidity point, punctual crystallization capacity, bright ivory color, reduced sugar content make it an ingredient of great finesse, also appreciated by the most demanding customers. 

The use of homemade cocoa butter - of superior quality - gives all ICAM chocolates a clean aromatic profile, which in this recipe enhances and brings out the intense aroma of powdered milk (30%) and vanilla.

Employment advice

In chocolate shop:
Special in all fillings; excellent for covering chocolates and glazes, classic tablets, stuffed and in plain sight with grains of dried fruit or dehydrated fruit, in a combination of tastes and colors.
In pastry:

Melted at 35 ° - 38 ° it goes well with all the filling creams for mignon confectionery, cakes and glazed logs, flames and mignon when cut.

In ice cream parlor:

Excellent for ice cream with a characteristic taste, in semifreddo and for stracciatella effect.



  • 15 kg

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